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Not Even the Site is Sure

When it comes to having a sex change I am on the side of breaking the shackles to free yourself to be the person you were born to be and in this case that includes gender.

I am a believer that people are born a certain gender and I believe it when someone tells me that they were born in the wrong body. I can;t begin to imagine the pain and frustration associated and I understand if you wish to have a sex change. What I don’t understand is being or wanting to be both sexes at once. That’s entirely a different thing and in my opinion that’s a matter of mental health, more to the point… you’re sick.

Why am I looking at this stuff then? Because it’s my job. Sadly not all of us get to do what we love for a living.

I was searching for an appropriate pic for the site called Tag Team Tranny and almost all of the results returned were for the site name of the watermark. I can only guess that the site decided to make a change at some point too.

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Big Tits And A Big Dick

I’m a single man and I’m at the age where everyone is starting to ask why I’m still single. It’s easy to answer. I haven’t found my perfect woman. When I’m asked what I’m looking for I lie. I come up with some bullshit story about completely unattainable standards. The truth is my dream girl has big tits and a big dick. I want a beautiful feminine face looking up at me when she’s sucking my cock. She has to have huge tits that bounce in my face as she rides my dick. A big, firm, round ass I can make bounce from behind. The most difficult feature to find in this dream girl is a big cock.

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I Want It All

I have a strong sexual appetite. I consider myself to be completely free sexually. I don’t consider anything to be taboo. I’m not a fan of labels, I think they’re for small minded people. I think if it arouses you and it’s not hurting anyone then go for it.

My taste depends upon my mood. But lately I’ve been leaning more towards trannys. If you haven’t ever been with one you should check out and see what I’m talking about. With a tranny you don’t have to decide between a man or a woman. You get the best of both worlds. Minus the pussy of course. If I want to suck on some titties or maybe get a blowjob with a little titty fucking I can do that. But if I decide I want fucked in the ass I have that option as well. I think everyone should free their minds and explore all their sexual options. If not how do you know what you really like.

Is Domino Presley the Sexiest Shemale?

A lot of people don’t realize just how many different types of shemales there are. We all have our favorites, of course. Ladyboys were the first ones to draw me in and I still spend a good bit of time on kathoey sites, but these days, I am all about the glamorous Tgirls. I like the ones that carry themselves like goddesses and expect to be pampered as princesses. Show me a feminine tranny with big fake tits, a pretty face, wearing just the right amount of makeup, with hair styled, and dressed in an outfit with stockings, and I will be happy. is filled with exactly that sort of shemale. There are lots of models worthy of lusting over, but none get me as excited as Domino Presley. In fact, I am thinking she might be the sexiest shemale on the internet. That’s high praise coming from someone who looks at as much trans porn as me!

Domino has 8 videos and hundreds of pictures inside of TransAngels. I have seen her elsewhere on the web, but feel that she is at her best here. I’d never guess she had a dick if not for seeing it with my own eyes. Now you can see it too with this discount for $15 off.


Can It Even Get Any More Freaky?

The sites name is Shemale Idol but when I first read it I thought it was some funky version of the popular international singing talent competition that seems to be on TV more often than not. When I too a closer look it really didn’t take much to realise that it’s quite a bit more messed up than that.

This guy in picture, who would like you to refer to him as ‘her’, and no I don’t give a fuck if I offend you, is pointing at his dick like it’s on hell of a surprise. Like you can’t tell by every part of the rest of his anatomy that he will do well if he’s ever to even resemble a woman. He may as well have rather gone with being a transvestite.

I have to say though that he;s the exception rather than the rule. There were quite a few on this site that may very well have had me fool if they weren’t pointing out their dicks like this douche.

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Heavenly Bodies, Sinful Desires

I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a more fitting site name than Evil Angel. The women here are completely heavenly, especially the shemales. I’m completely unapologetic when I say that I would love the opportunity to kiss them from the tops of their head to the tips of their dicks straight down to their toes. However, they are also completely sinful in the hardcore and raunchy action they always seem to get themselves into here!

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Evil Angle has done it yet again and they always seem to know exactly what we need to satisfy our desires. While you might know this network for their seriously hot looking ass fucking it is also much more. They’ve got loads of niches and they cover just about everything that a red blooded man could want.

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The 150 or so videos inside are great quality and best of all they’re DRM free. This means that you guys can stream or download them so you can get that shemale sex collection of yours going. This is a real sign of the times that Evil Angel is always making sure that they cater to as many tastes in porn as they can!

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Sexy Fetish Trannies in Hot Porn Videos

One thing I look for in a tranny site is beautiful t-girls that completely defy the senses; females born male that you would never guess were born male because they’ve almost completely brought their femininity out for the world to see. Except for that thing between their legs, you know. I don’t like seeing surgery scars or anything like that because it disrupts the senses. If you want something like that, here’s where you can get your exclusive discount to Fetish Shemale.

What’s better is, you can watch them in hot fetish action at this site. If you’ve got a thing for cigarettes, handjobs, feet, stockings, and gloryholes, you’ll find all those things here, and more. Grabbing this deal is going to save you 45% off full price and you’ll gain access to six tranny sites for the price of one. There’s more than 35 videos on the fetish site with weekly updates; hundreds of videos across all six sites. The site continues to grow steadily with popularity and if you’re into trannies, this is definitely one to keep in your personal porn stash. Check it out!

The Whole Package Deal!?

This whole shemale/transsexual thing is starting to grow a little thin on me. I’m not knocking or judging here I’m just voicing my opinion and you’re absolutely free to disagree or even agree.

Here we can see Bob’s cock up Mary-Jack’s crack. She’s probably keen for Bob to flip her over so she can get a reach around too while her tits swing about as he pummels her poop chute.

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I had this work colleague chick, an odd one to say the least. She was about 6’4″ to start off with, but I think the air is a bit thin up there. Her go-to getup for a Friday night social drinks evening with work mates was a pair of jeans with a tartan skirt over it.

I always wondered if she was just perpetually stuck in two minds.