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Month: August, 2010

Donny’s Shemale Fantasy

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Donny had been trying to start up his own business for a while now, he didn’t have much as far as start up funds go but he was a hell of a painter and he already had a few clients lined up and ready to have him drop by to paint their houses. Soon enough word of mouth started to spread and Donny started getting more and more clients. One day last week a new client dropped in to see if Donny would be interested in painting her new house as well as giving her an added bonus.

Donny had never even seen a tranny in person but when she slid her hand over his dick he couldn’t resist her. Donny smiled at her and told her that he was sure they could work out a deal for painting her house. He didn’t have to say anything else because she was already on her knees and sliding his penis between her lips. As she mouth fucked him her plump tranny dong started to get bigger and harder and Donny couldn’t take his eyes off it until finally she dropped her panties and bent over his desk with her ass spread.

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Lois Teasing Shemale Sausage

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Lois had always fantasized about trannys, she had never dared to date one herself though. She didn’t know where to begin knowing where to find one for starters but she always fantasized about fucking a tranny when she was fucking her latest boyfriend. Her boyfriend’s never lasted though because she always asked them to do things that they considered weird so Lois had resigned herself to watching porn all day instead. It was just a few weeks after she resigned herself to a life of watching porn that she ran across Cindy at a local work site.

Lois knew from the start that Cindy was a shemale and she was determined to get in her panties and tease that meaty shemale weenie of hers! All it took really was inviting Cindy over one day to check out her new pool. Cindy loved tanning and she was more than happy to go over to Lois’ house and lay by the pool for a day of fun. As it happened though there was more than a day of fun planned for Cindy before she even got there! Lois had fantasized for years about getting her hands on a dick and now she was about to she just couldn’t wait!

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Carlton Gets Sucked Off By A Cross Dresser!

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Carlton has always thought he was pretty good with the ladies, he wasn’t a stunner by any means but he always figured out a way to get the beauty. Usually he was out at clubs with his friends and he’d be so drunk that by the time he asked the beauties out he didn’t really care if they said yes or no! But last week when he was out at the club and he approached some girls he had no idea what he was getting himself in to. He couldn’t help himself though and he invited both of them back to his place. They looked at each other and told him that there was an old abandoned house just behind the club.

It didn’t take long for them to get to the house but all of the windows had been broken so they found their way up to the attic where they were sure they wouldn’t be caught. As Carlton threw back his head and got the best blowjob of his life he had absolutely no idea that the person sucking him off was actually a guy! A boy who really loved to dress up like a hottie!

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Sheila Gets Sucked Off

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Sheila is a lustful blonde tranny who always gets what she wants and usually what she wants is to get her big tranny sausage teased until she explodes! Sheila works full time as an interior designer and she often meets some really cute chaps when she is looking around their empty houses giving them design ideas. Sheila always runs across single guys because the truth of the matter is that hardly any of them know how to decorate a home alone and Sheila can usually come to some sort of agreement with them on payment terms as soon as they see those massive meatballs of hers!

Last week Sheila met up with this boy who had been living in a nearly empty mansion for a couple of years. He had heard about Sheila from a friend but as soon as Sheila walked in to his place she knew that he had called her over for something else because his eyes kept dropping down to her throbbing ramrod. Finally as she sat on the edge of the desk she spread her legs and gives him a peek under her dress. Well it wasn’t long after he caught a peek under that dress he had her on the table, sucking off her dick!

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Sam Gets Tricked

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Sam was relatively new to the tech company he was working for but so far he really liked the job. He got to wear his jeans on the job and he got to pay calls to some really hot and horny women who were stranded at home and needed his help getting their computers up and running. His first week he’d come home with three horny women’s telephone numbers and had been chased out of one house by an angry husband already! Then at the beginning of this week things took a gorgeous strange turn.

Sam answered a call and when he got to the condo he found two women waiting for him outside the door. They escourted him in to the condo and started pulling at his belt and fondling his stomach and Sam couldn’t help but rub his hand over their love melons. Then he noticed something strange, he noticed stubble and their tits felt strange but by the time he realized that they were horny cross dressing beauties he was already rock hard and his cock ached for some kind of action. The beauties were more than willing to help him as they teased his sausage through his jeans!

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Wild Asian Ladyboy Sucks Prick And Spreads Her Legs Wide To Take A Fat Cock Deep Inside Of Her Rump

As this seductive Asian shemale was walking down the street she spots this stud and knows right away she has to fuck him. They head off to his place and once they’re in the bedroom she strips him down and gets on her knees to suck his cock. Next she climbs on top of him and lets his fat pole fill up her tight ass as she slides up and down on it, and then the stud next pulls out and cums all over her face. Point your browser to Ladyboys Get Fucked today and see many more hot clips like this of shemales getting fucked hard!

Wild Blonde Tranny Street Walker Gets Picked Up Off The Streets And Screwed By A Huge Schlong

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This stud was riding down the street looking for someone to help him get his rocks off, and when he spots this spicy transgendered whore walking down the street he knows he has to get his cock in her. He pulls up along side of her and soon she’s getting down on her knees and sucking him off, working his rod in her mouth until he’s sporting a massive hard-on. He lays down on his back and she straddles him, taking every inch of his big wiener down inside of her bum. She begins to move up and down on it faster and faster. He slams in and out of her for a few minutes until he can’t hold it in any longer, pulling out and painting her face. Visit Real Tranny Pickups today for this and lots more spicy scenes of delicious tranny sluts getting picked up and stuffed with cock!

Sultry Transexual Dish Gets Nailed Hard Up The Anus By Fat Rod

This duo were having a picnic when they started feeling the need to get it on, and soon they strip down and start to get it on. She drops to her knees in front of her hunk and then gives him a blowjob, expertly working his wiener with her mouth and hands in tandem. She next straddles him and lets his huge member fill up her tight hole, reaching between her legs for her dick and starting to masturbate while she gets pounded. A few moments later he can’t hold it in another second, and he pulls out and ejaculates all over her face. Check out Tranny Source today for over 1000 great clips of ladyboys getting nailed!

Sexy Brunette Shemale with a Huge Dick Fucks Her Ass with a Rubber Dick

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I loved Byanka in this outdoors anal insertion scene; she is such a hot tranny! She is wearing sexy lingerie with stockings and lets her big tits peek through her bra as she spreads her legs and exposes her huge she-dick. The naughty shemale masturbates herself while she crams a huge rubber dick deep inside that delicious puckered asshole of hers. She blows a thick load of cum all over her hot body! Enjoy the hottest shemale anal insertion videos and pictures at Ass Toyed Shemales.

Seductive Blonde Ladyboy Gets A Good Hard Banging Up The Anus Outdoors By A Ebony Stud

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These two were alone outside together when the urge to bang comes over them heavy and quickly end up disrobing and getting it on. She starts out by give him a blowjob until they he gets a gigantic hard-on. She then gets on all fours. He gives her a rimjob and then stuffs his meat into her bung and starts to pound vigorously in and out of her. She reaches between his legs and starts to masturbate as she gets banged and then he pulls out and jizzes all over his face. Go to Tranny Source today for over 1000 clips of katoeys sucking rod and getting banged!